How to Submit Your Own Event (Text Instructions)

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the “Culver Community Calendar” tab on the top of the web page.

Step 3: Click the blue “Submit Event” button on the calendar.

Step 4: Fill out as much information as you can about your event on the form.
A. Your Name
i. So we know who you are
B. Your email
ii. So we can contact you
C. Private notes for the calendar owner
iii. If you want to include a note to us about your event (this won’t show up on the published calendar)
D. Event
iv. The title of your event that will show up on the calendar
E. Keywords/Tags
v. Include words that describe your event. These will make your event easily searchable on the calendar. For example, if you event were a reading hour, you would include keywords such as reading, books, children, etc.
F. Event Image
vi. This is the place to include your organization logo or an event poster if you have one. This will draw peoples’ attention, so make sure to include an image!
G. Event Date/Time
vii. When your event is happening, this will place your event on the calendar at the correct date and time.
H. Description
viii. This is the text that will accompany your event on the calendar. Make sure to include what will be happening at your event and any pertinent information to those attending such as how to register or how much attendance may cost.
I. Venue Name/Room/Building
ix. The name of the venue i.e. “Culver Public Library” or “Town Park”
J. Street Address
x. The actual address of where your event is so that people can find it if they are unfamiliar with the area.
K. Directions
xi. If your event requires additional instructions on how to get to your event such as “The public library, enter using the entrance facing main street and go into the first door on the right, etc.”

Step 5: Click the green “Check and Submit” button in the top right of the web page.

Step 6: Review the information you have submitted.

Step 7: Click the green “submit event” button in the top right of the web page.

Step 8: Click “submit a similar event,” “submit a new event,” or “finished.”
A. Submit a similar event
i. Clicking this will create an additional event with all of the same information you have just entered. If you are submitting multiple dates for an event such as a meeting, click this to more easily submit multiple dates, without having to re-enter all of the same information
B. Submit a new event
ii. Clicking this will create an additional, completely new event. Click this to create a new event that requires completely different information.
C. Finished
iii. Clicking this will submit the event you have created, or all the events you have created if you have already chosen one of the previous options.

Step 9: Wait for our approval
A. The Culver & Lake Maxinkuckee Visitor Center will receive a notification that you have submitted a new event. We will review your event and decide whether or not to publish it. This generally means making sure that your event will benefit Culver citizens or those looking to visit Culver. Once we approve it, the event will be live on the community calendar!